Your concept becomes reality.

Once your vision is captured in Innotech’s computer-generated full-color & 3D rendering system, our paint specialists transition the aircraft from concept to reality.

From initial design to final inspection, the Innotech team ensures that every aspect of your exterior paint is given the level of attention to detail that will truly distinguish your aircraft from all others.

Innotech’s state-of-the-art paint facility is designed to accept aircraft as large as the Bombardier Global XRS business jet. It is the most modern and technologically advanced hangar in North America and offers high quality and custom paint applications for both in-service and new completion aircraft.

Environmentally friendly, with state-of-the-art filters and independent waste water cleaning system, the facility will also feature variable speed flow, eliminating the need to pressurize the paint bay and with the capability to apply paint electro-statically. The paint bay is uniquely designed to ventilate and spray with a nose to tail cross-draft. These features provide a cleaner application, better adhesion and substantially less paint waste than with conventional spray methods.