Optional Equipment Catalog – OEC
Innotech provides a number of certified STC options that you can install in your aircraft. Please advise us if you do not see what you are looking for. The current list includes the following:

Innotech-exclusive product is the I-KU™ airborne satellite high-speed Internet system. The I-KU system incorporates the ViaSat VMT-1500 airborne high-speed Internet terminal which delivers data and voice connections using the worldwide coverage of ViaSat Yonder® service for the highest speeds available in the industry.

Innotech also offers Global Express owners installation of the EASA- and FAA- approved cabin air-quality (I-CAIR™) system, derived from patented “cold plasma ionic interaction” technology. The system greatly increases cabin atmosphere purity; it’s effectiveness evident in the substantial reduction of cabin ozone levels, which are elevated at high altitudes.