Innotech Aviation began service in Montreal in 1955 and has grown today into one of the most modern Maintenance, Completion & Refurbishing centers in North America with over 200,000 square feet of hangar and workshops with highly specialized mechanics, technicians, craftspersons, and engineers.

With the opening our new International Sales and Customer support office in Stansted Airport, UK we are better positioned to respond to our overseas clients in a timely manner. The soon-to-be-expanded 200,000 sq. ft. operation in Montreal is an Authorized Center of Excellence (ACE), with one of the most modern and complete ranges of specialized tooling, certified spares, processes, mechanical and avionics support in the industry. Innotech’s Montreal service center is a top choice for Global owners; we offer a complete range of services and make full use of the competitive advantages of our location.

The service center is located in Montreal’s unique “aerospace cluster”; it is only a short distance from Bombardier’s own manufacturing plant, a Flight Safety and CAE training centers, a Rolls-Royce engine maintenance and overhaul center, and Messier Dowty, which makes the landing gear assemblies for the Global family of aircraft. This proximity to a concentration of suppliers allows Innotech to deliver faster service than any competitor.


Our commitment is to be the world leader in corporate aircraft completion, maintenance, refurbishment and engineering.


Innotech’s day-to-day mission is:
To produce high quality, leading edge products and services
To consistently meet our scheduled commitments,
To focus on total customer satisfaction,
To continuously improve our working environment.



  • We must act and conduct ourselves with integrity and good faith.
  • We must live by the basic principles of trust, dignity and respect towards our customers, fellow employees and suppliers.
  • Safety is the foundation of our business.
  • Quality can never be sacrificed or compromised.

Employees – our most important asset

  • We must build trust by communicating openly with other team members and follow through on commitments and promises.
  • We must be sensitive to the needs, feelings and capabilities of others.
  • We must approach each other in a non-threatening and pleasant manner and treat each other with respect.
  • There must always exist fair and equal opportunity for employment, to ensure each employee can achieve his/her potential.
  • Employees must be empowered to ensure success and be recognized for their contribution.
  • We must continuously improve our way of life through the development of employee competence, commitment and involvement in a safe, open and supportive work environment.


  • We must be recognized as a full Customer Service Organization.
  • We must meet our contractual obligations.
  • We must be proactive and anticipate our customers’ needs.
  • We must listen and show understanding.
  • We must communicate on a regular basis to keep the customer informed.
  • We must provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.

Our Shareholders

  • Our efforts must be rewarded by adequate returns from the investment provided to us. We must earn adequate cash flow.
  • Assets must be utilized effectively and expenditures must be controlled.
  • Our financial statements must accurately reflect our performance.
  • We must continuously invest in our company to ensure our services remain superior.